The Top 5 Inserts for your Planner

The 5 Top Inserts for your Planner

Yep. I am one of those. A planner addict. I should own stock in Cloth and Paper. Until recently (2 months ago), when my husband suffered a health setback and a job loss, I was subscribed to their monthly subscription service. It brought me SO much joy and I truly miss it. So I thought I would pass the time by giving you my list of 5 items that you do not want to be without in your own planning.

  1. Dividers: I have purchased dividers from several different companies. I have not found any that I am truly in love with. I love the premise of Cloth and Paper’s plastic plain dividers, but have found that they are quite heavy in the planner and it just makes the weight uncomfortable in the planner. I understand they now have lightweight plastic dividers, which would solve all the problems, but I have yet to try these. I also have their gold foil nude color dividers (as seen in the photo above). I have a love/hate relationship with them. I absolutely love the aesthetic, but they have a tendency to bend, which just ruins the look for me. I also have pink heavy weight paper dividers from Brooklyn Grace Co. that have held up absolutely perfectly. I use these in my A5 planner and if I had to pick amongst all of my dividers, I would say these are my current favorites. I have heard excellent things about Sessavee’s dividers as well.
  2. Calendar: I have gone to the minimal side of planning of late. To this end, there are so many awesome calendar and planning inserts out there, but my favorites that I have found are actually from Tul, Crossbow Printables (in the U.K. so shipping time is extended a bit), and Cloth and Papers multiple types of calendar pages.
  3. Clear card/large pockets: These are useful for putting planner cards, or if you use your planner for a wallet as well, these are useful to hold credit cards or any cards you carry with you. I use these for holding my inspiration planner cards I get mostly from Sequins and Paper.
  4. Planner cards: from aforementioned Sequins and Paper and several other shops: Bunny Plans, Sessavee. There are so many amazing planner etceteras, but the planner cards are my favorites, especially with the inspirational sayings just because I enjoy seeing them and these make want to open my planner which in turn makes me keep up with my planning more consistently.
  5. Contact Inserts: These make my planner completely functional. With this addition, I basically have everything I need in one spot. I also use Password hint inserts which streamlines my life as well. No more keeping up with 15 different resources to keep track of things.
  6. A BONUS: one more thing you could add to your planner if you wanted to keep more of a journal are plain note pages. This way if you are more interested in creating your own pages of inserts, you can. The paper quality then becomes an important factor. The best paper quality I have found is once again from Cloth and Paper. Their dotted grid paper is amazing quality and no pens I have used leak or ghost.

I hope these suggestions help some of you in setting up your planner or agenda. There really are so many options out there , I did not even broach the subject of planner stickers. That could be a topic for an entire blog post, but the inserts and accessories I have mentioned here will definitely get you started in your own planning.

(originally published 9/4/19)